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Llandudno has been twinned since 1988 with the town of Wormhout situated in Northern France. The Town Council supports and arranges cultural visits between Llandudno and Wormhout each year to allow interested members of the public to engage in fellowship and friendship with our French counterparts.

Exchange from Wormhout

Just over 50 people from Wormhout travel to Llandudno for a weekend of hospitality with host families who volunteer to accommodate the French families during their stay. The visit usually takes place in April with a number of visits in and around Llandudno arranged during the weekend.

This year’s visit took place in April. A group of majorettes came over to Llandudno for the first time this year as well as a group of dancers who were accommodated by families of dancers from Linzi Grace School of Dance. Activities arranged during the visit included taster sessions of bowls and Alice in Wonderland themed croquet at Craig-y-Don Community Centre and a journey on the Victorian tram to the Great Orme Summit, as well as a guided visit of Chester.

Visit to Craig-y-Don Community Centre

The Mayor of Wormhout, Frédéric Devos, also laid a wreath at the Llandudno war memorial to remember those from both countries who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars. The Mayor of Llandudno, Cllr Frank Bradfield, Members of the French & Town Twinning Committees and cadets and officers from the three cadet forces also attended.

The Mayor of Wormhout, Frédéric Devos laying a wreath
The Mayor of Wormhout, Frédéric Devos, The Mayor of Llandudno, Cllr Frank Bradfield, representatives from the Wormhout and Llandudno Town Twinning Committees and cadets from the three cadet forces

Wormhout Football Trip

Usually occurring in May each year, a team of 20 boys from local schools, with their teachers, are invited to compete in the annual Wormhout International Junior Soccer Tournament. As well as taking part in the tournament, the boys are able to immerse themselves in the history of the town and the surrounding area.

In 2016, as well as laying wreaths at La Plaine Au Bois, the site of the Wormhout massacre and Wormhout cemetery, visits included the Welsh memorial to those who were killed during the First World War at Langemark, the grave of poet, Hed Wyn and a chocolate factory.

Footballers who took part in the 2016 visit
The group visiting the Welsh memorial at Langemark

Visit to commemorate the Liberation of Wormhout, Lederingham and Esquelbecque

In 2015, following the successful Town Twinning visit to Wormhout and the Somme battlefields in 2014, by a group of Army, Sea, Air Cadets and Girl Guides, Llandudno was invited to participate in events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Wormhout and its neighbouring towns of Lederingham and Esqelbecque, during the Second World War.

Thirty cadets from the combined cadet forces plus members of the Town Twinning Committee travelled to Wormhout to participate in events timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of VE Day, on 8th May 2015. The group took part in commemoration ceremonies in each of the three towns, which included a parade and wreath laying ceremony, in the company of the Czech Minister of Defence and Czech troops, to commemorate their involvement in the Liberation of Wormhout. At the wreath laying ceremony at ‘La Plaine au Bois’, a new plaque was unveiled bearing the names of all those who died in the Wormhout massacre.

Unveiling of the new commemorative Plaque at La Plaine au Bois
Cadets Parading at La Plaine au Bois

July Visit to Wormhout

Each July, a visit to Wormhout is arranged to coincide with the Wormhout carnival and music festival, with a group of 55 people from Llandudno participating. All participants contribute to the cost of the trip. Accommodation is provided by French host families and the Wormhout Town Council. Those on the visit are able to learn about the history of Wormhout, paying tribute to those who gave their lives during the Second World War and in particular those who died during the Wormhout massacre in 1940.

During the 2016 visit, the Mayor of Llandudno, Cllr Carol Marubbi, laid wreaths on behalf of the Town at the Wormhout war memorial, Wormhout cemetery and at La Plaine au Bois, to commemorate those who gave their lives during the Second World War. The Mayor was also invited to take part in the town’s Civic Parade and Church Service.

The Mayor of Llandudno laying a wreath at Wormhout Cemetery and La Plaine au Bois

This year the group was joined by dancers from Linzi Grace School of Dance (pictured below with dance group DJB from Wormhout)


They also took part in the Wormhout Giants Parade, a parade of huge wooden and papier-maché figures representing the legends associated with each Flemmish town. The Parade was led by the Mayor of Wormhout, the Mayor of Llandudno, The Chairmen of the Wormhout and Llandudno Town Twinning Committees, Mr Roland Fiers and Cllr Greg Robbins and Miss Alice, Miss Jessica-Bowen Roberts.

The Mayor of Llandudno leading the Giants Parade
Linzi Grace Dancers and Combined Cadet forces parading in the Giants Parade
Linzi Grace Dancers and Combined Cadet forces parading in the Giants Parade
The Wormhout Giants, Le Roi de Mitron and family

Thirty Cadets plus Officers from the Army, Sea and Air Cadet Forces also took part in this year’s visit. They participated in the wreath laying ceremonies at La Plaine Au Bois and the Wormhout Cemetery as well as parading in the Wormhout Civic and Giants Parades. The cadets also spent the weekend commemorating the fallen of the First World War. To mark the centenary of the Battle of Mametz Wood, they visited the Welsh Memorial at Mametz, taking time for personal reflection on the events of 100 years ago. They also visited the town of Mametz where they were welcomed by the Mayor of Mametz and the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge.

Wormhout Cemetery
Cadet Forces Standards, Welsh Memorial, Mametz
Cadets visiting Vimy Ridge

If you would like to become involved with the work of the Town Twinning Committee by hosting some French visitors and perhaps taking part in one of the annual visits, please contact the Town Council.


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